The Truth about Summer


Ice Cream TruckThe Ice Cream Man can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on the day. There are the days you happily hand your children a few dollars to pick out their favorite ice cream to enjoy at the pool. You smile happily as the Ice Cream Man hands your children their selections and you go about your day in peace and harmony. Then there are the days you forget your wallet or simply say ‘no’ because they have had ice cream for 10 days in a row (sometimes twice in one day). All of a sudden the Ice Cream Man’s smile becomes an evil, taunting one as your children scream, whine, and stomp their feet. As you rush past the truck to the car, the music seems to follow you all the way home and as you get out of the car, your children finally calming down from their fury, you see the Ice Cream Man turning onto your street igniting the fire once again.16513694_s

• Every now and then for a fleeting moment you may feel the sensation of wanting to punch your kid in the face. Not that you would ever do that! But let’s face it if anyone else treated you like that he would be knocked out on the floor in seconds flat.

Your children will get along best when they are plotting to drive you insane. Most often this happens in a public place such as Target. You are walking down the aisles, filling the cart with twice as much as you had originally needed, when you see your children look at you, a sparkle in their eyes, a giggle escaping their lips. Before you know it they are off and running, grabbing everything in sight, knocking products off the shelves, or shooting Nerf guns. Sometimes they decide to steal your shopping cart, pushing it as hard and fast as they can and all you can do is stand there watching all of the near misses of innocent bystanders. It is in these moments that your stern, loud whisper will go unheard so you raise your voice to a slightly louder indoor voice that once again is ignored. In that moment you basically have two choices: leave your kids behind and risk being arrested for child endangerment or scream loudly and be institutionalized for a few days. Either way you will get a time out from your

You will not have a single moment to yourself when the kids are around. You will realize this when you wake up at 2 AM with a splitting headache, and a relentless to do list that seems impossible to achieve unless you get up right then and there and start checking things off. This is also the moment you will realize you only had one glass of water the entire day despite being out in the hot sun watching your kids eat ice cream by the pool.

You may think taking a day “off”, and spending it at home is a great idea, it is not! Although it does get exhausting running from place to place, and it becomes impossible trying to keep up with the laundry, cleaning, work, and anything else that keeps getting put aside, a day at home will not be productive. The day you decide to stay home and ‘get it all done’ will most likely turn in to the day you lock yourself in the bathroom with your hands over your ears and cry or scream until your husband comes home. If you have tried this, you know why, ‘nuff said!

• At the end of the day as you drag your tired, sore, dehydrated body to bed, you will step into your children’s room to pull the sheet back over them, kiss their plump, adorable cheeks and think to yourself “today was the best day ever, my life is perfect!” And you will forget about everything else… like turning off the hose which will be left on all night long and eventually burst!

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  1. LOL .. what a post! Really can say ‘been there’ for each scenerio. Life takes an altogether different course with kids. It becomes a roller coaster ride, however prepared you are for the ride, but with each twist and turn your heart skips a beat and you promise yoursef never to sit ever, but as soon as you get down the ride with your wobbly feet, you decide that was worth it. With 2 boys under 4 years my life is in a similar path. And iI absolutely love it. Feel blessed every night every night when I kiss them good night. But don’t ask me how I feel in the morning running after them shouting my brains out.

    • Thanks for sharing! One of the best things I have learned since becoming a mom is that somewhere out there another mom is feeling the exact same way you are lol!!

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