#TogaSocialathon – Helping Saratoga residents and businesses stay strong through COVID-19


Saratoga NY is a walking town, an active town. Many businesses benefit from that foot traffic and Saratogians certainly benefit physically and emotionally from getting outside. With the COVID-19 crisis, we have an opportunity to encourage safe outdoor activity and to drive continued (remote) patronage to our businesses.

I’ve teamed up with my friend Kaila – who is a fitness badass and owner of FitSimple– a corporate wellness company and BodKick – a fitness blog that offers workouts, tips and motivation to athletes of all skill levels.  

Because we’re both passionate about fitness and passionate about Saratoga and helping local businesses, we’ve come up with an awesome contest to help residents and businesses stay STRONG through this crisis. 

You’ve all heard of a telethon where people pledge their support and share it publicly so we’ve twisted the idea and are pleased to introduce you to the TogaSocialathon! 

What is #TogaSocialathon?

#TogaSocialathon is a contest where you pledge your support, and will be entered to WIN some really awesome prizes including a $100 gift card to the restaurant of your choice!! 

How do I participate in #TogaSocialathon?

  1. Take a pic of yourself (or your surroundings) being active solo or with your immediate family and put it up on social media.
  2. Then, hashtag #TogaSocialathon and tag your favorite business to tell everyone why you love it. If you choose, pledge to support that business through buying a gift card, ordering to-go or buying online.
  3. You can also add #runsolosaratoga, #walksolosaratoga or #bikesolosaratoga to let us know how you’re getting out there and moving.

Everyone who tags #TogaSocialathon will be entered in to win:

Sample #TogaSocialathon post

Additionally, we’ll be featuring local businesses throughout the program and serving up content to keep you motivated and safely active. Watch for special promotions from your favorite business and show your support – whether that means sharing to everyone you know, tagging a friend to get them in on the fun, or making a purchase in any way you can!

Let’s fill the gap and keep ourselves and our community strong at a time when we all need it most!

Follow @BodKick  and @SaratogaMama on Facebook and Instagram for continued program updates. If you’re interested in donating a prize or being a sponsor, please reach out to Kaila Morgante at kaila@fitsimpletraining.com

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