UP-Cycle Advertising Magnets: For A Kid Friendly Craft!


We all get them!!! And right now, it is that time a year for advertising magnets. Before you toss them I have a great idea to upcycle them for a more kids friendly craft project.  This year I received one from our loan officer who helped us with our home mortgage (by the way we purchased our house 8 years ago) and a few other magnet calendars from random real estate brokers who have sold homes on our area.

UP-Cycle-Advertising-Magnets-For-A-Kid-Friendly-CraftBefore you toss out those advertising magnets, lets recycle them. Your kids are going to love this craft and so will you since it costs very little. Here is how to make this easy kid friendly craft:

Supplies Needed

  • Magnets
  • Stickers, your choice
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick (May need)

First you will need to cover those magnets with fun kid friendly stickers. I used puffy 3D ones for this project. Try to stay with stickers that are not see through. Just to avoid seeing the advertisements. You can even use alphabets stickers, puzzle stickers, etc. The ideas are endless.



Then trim them around the edges.  You may have to add a dab of clue to the edge to help them from lifting. VIOLA!!  Add them to your fridge or to a cookie sheet and let your kids imagination do the work.

magnets-completed-upcycled~Jen, InspiringSavings.com

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